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Hitachi Urban Investment, Ltd.

The business environment surrounding companies are changing drastically, such as the progress of globalization and growing complexity of the issues to be solved.

We must strive to deliver new values to our customers with a sense of urgency. It is crucial for each of us to maximize our potential abilities. To this end, we are currently promoting various initiatives to help improve the working environment, raise awareness among employees and change their mindset/attitude and behavior.

Bringing together human resources with diverse talents, Hitachi Urban group aims to solve issues with our customers by using new ideas and knowledge, and grow together with them.

Diversity Initiatives

Under the top management commitment, the group is working together as one team to promote the diversity management. We are undertaking various measures with an aim to build an organization where diverse people working for Hitachi Urban Investment fulfill their full potential irrespective of age, sex, nationality, disability, etc., and to create new values.

Management Policy

In April 2015, we added “Promoting Diversity” principle to our management policy so that each of us can change our “mindset” and “attitude” and reform our organizational culture.

Active Participation and Advancement of Diverse Human Resources

Active participation and advancement of women

(Women’s participation and advancement promotion project)
(Women’s participation and
advancement promotion project)

We are taking various measures by positioning the active participation of women in the workplace as an important issue.

In fiscal 2013, we set a KPI to accelerate our efforts to achieve our goal. In addition, we initiated a “Women’s participation and advancement promotion project” to help female employees to play a more leading role, and are carrying out a variety of activities.

  • Proposal for measures to promote women’s active participation and advancement in the workplace to the senior management
  • Diversity-related study session
  • Exchange meetings with other companies’ female employees
  • Dispatching female employees for trainings

We also posted the “Positive Action” declaration on the portal site of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2015, and then formulated an「“action plan to promote the active participation and advancement of women”」based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”, which has been enacted in April 2016.

Positive Action “Women’s Promotion” information Portal Site
Positive Action “Women’s Promotion” information Portal Site

Employment of the elderly

We have introduced a system by which to rehire the employees who reached retirement age in order to utilize their abundant experience and sophisticated skills.

This system is designed to accommodate social trends such as aging population and declining birth rate, and resultant rise in eligibility age for receiving welfare pension payments. It enables to extend the employment of the elderly employees who are highly motivated to continue their work up to the age of 65 when they start to receive welfare pension payment based on the Act on Stabilization of Employment of the Elderly Persons.

Employment of the persons with disabilities

In order to actively provide persons with disabilities with opportunities to become contributing members of society, we have expanded job categories and offer study sessions for employees with disabilities. We will continue to promote the employment of person with disabilities.

Our employment rate of persons with disabilities=2.39% (as of December 2015)

Promoting Work-Life Balance

We aims to realize work-life balance so that all the employees can continue to exert high performance at different phases of their life stage.

In order to develop our business, it is essential for each employee to bring the best out in their ability. Therefore, we consider promoting work-life balance (WLB) as an important part of supporting diverse ways of working, and are taking various measures including:

Work style reform

From the viewpoints of promoting comfortable working environment to our employees and efficient business operation, we are making efforts to improve their working conditions and reform their mindset and attitude toward their work, which we believe is a “true work style reform”.

“Work style reform”=reform of employees’ mindset and attitude toward their work
⇒Streamline business operations and boost their efficiency, refine a sense of speed and flexibility, shift from outdated way of thinking and work style
⇒Adopt work styles that support globalization, diversity promotion and business reform


Work style reform

(Create a community area that can be used for informal meetings and internal communication)

Work style reform

(Set up an office area that support free address workplace concept)

Support for balancing work and child rearing/nursing care

Aiming to support balancing work and child care or nursing care, we will introduce various systems such as maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave, nursing care leave, and shorter working hour, etc. We also established an action plan in 2005 to support child rearing, etc. in adherence with the spirit of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

child care support company

We were recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a “child care support company” for our initiatives implemented during the period between 2010 and 2015 and acquired “Kurumin mark” certification in July 2015. We will actively make efforts to create a worker-friendly workplace.

Holding lectures and workshops

We hold lectures and workshops inviting external speakers on the topics such as work-life balance and participation and advancement of women in the workplace, etc. with an aim to foster awareness and promote understanding among employees.


(Diversity lectures)

(Diversity lectures)