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Hitachi Urban Investment, Ltd.

Management Philosophy

We contribute to social prosperity and progress through the creation of comfortable spaces.

Management Policies

  1. Customer creation

    By putting the customer first at all times, we aim to serve as an ideal partner to our customers, earning their trust by providing them with comfort and peace of mind.

  2. Establishing strong management foundations

    By formulating new growth strategies, we develop business models that can further expand our strengths as a company.

  3. Systematic human resource development

    We train human resources with the capabilities needed to earn the trust of the market and take on new challenges based on keen decision-making capabilities and a hands-on approach.

  4. Strengthening collaboration within the group

    Leveraging the strengths of our group of companies, we strive to create synergies among group companies and headquarters sections.

  5. Encouraging the diversity

    Proactively using the originality of various staff members, we provide the service that anticipates changes in business environment and customer needs.

  6. The fundamentals and ethics

    Based on a thorough adherence to the fundamentals of our business and corporate ethics, we strive to increase corporate value through fair and transparent business activities.

Conduct Guidelines

Based on our slogan—Change, Challenge, and Create (3Cs)—we take bold action to implement the principles of our Management Philosophy and Management Policy.