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Hitachi Urban Investment, Ltd.

Residential Support (Dormitory/Company Housing Management)

We have provided dormitories and company housing for Hitachi Group employees for many years.

To put these experiences to use in meeting customer needs, we provide one-stop services for managing customers’ dormitories and company housing, including the delivery of optimal living environments and the handling of various interactions with facility owners.

Company-owned facilities

Vert Charmant Higashinagasaki (centralized Hitachi Group dormitory)

  1. Occupancy management

    Management of occupants for an entire facility or individual units

  2. Occupancy administration

    Administrative processing, room allocation, key management

  3. Arrange repairs in connection with residents moving in and out

  4. Administration of rent deductions from salaries for dormitories or company housing

Rental dormitory/company housing payment services

We lease properties and provide various related administrative services on a one-stop basis.

  1. Property referrals
  2. Negotiation with tenants
  3. Checking and concluding leases
  4. Receiving security deposits
  5. Payment of rent, etc.
  6. Property data administration
  7. Lease termination fees (costs of restoration to original condition), adjustments, payments
  8. Management responsibility